Alternative Business Models for Greater Social Impact

Have you ever thought about different ways you could structure your business to demonstrate your commitment to delivering on a higher purpose beyond profit?

Perhaps you already have an employee share or bonus scheme to enable your team to feel a sense of ownership and have a stake and reward. Perhaps you’d like to consider other ways in which you could increase engagement with employees, customers and suppliers.

For the second in our Bright Minds In Business event series, we are giving you the opportunity to hear from three business owners who are leading the way to give you inspiration from their example. There will be simple practical actions you can take as a result to empower your business to create more income and impact.


Guest speakers

– Jenny Kitchen, CEO, Yoyo, will be talking about their experience of becoming a registered B Corp

– Debbie Richards, Chair, Baker Richards Employee Ownership Trust, will share the story of the company’s journey to employee ownership

– Kirsten Gibbs, Gibbs & Partners, will give some insights into ways you scale your business create more autonomy for yourself and your team

About the event series

In 2016, the Centre for Social Justice estimated that all UK businesses will have social purposes by 2026.

Where are you on your journey towards becoming a more purpose-driven business, and how can having a purpose beyond profit actually create more wealth for all?

This event will give you inspiration and practical actions to align your vision and mission with a bigger reason for being in business.

For every person who registers to join one of the events we will give support to an entrepreneur in Africa through our membership of the B1G1 Community, so by investing in your business, you get to help others too.

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