Creating brand alignment for customers and employees

When you start out in business, and you’re thinking about your brand (the essence of who you are and why you exist) and your branding (the ‘wrapper’ you put around your business – your visual identity), most likely you will be thinking about your customers first and foremost.

Your brand’s value proposition will be focused on how you add value to your clients or consumers – what kind of difference can you make for them?

But as you grow, you’ll need to build a team to support you. These people may be freelancers or employees on payroll. Either way, you will need to build a relationship and attract them to want to work with you in your business. This is where you employer brand value proposition comes in.

It’s fundamental that the value proposition your brand represents to your customers is alignment with the way that your employees (and prospective future employees) see and experience your brand.

Why? Because your customers can become your team and vice versa. And more importantly, because if you’re not acting with integrity, it will damage your brand.

I was invited to join James Crawley author of Refuelling Your Employer Brand and Kirsten Gibbs, author of Change the Game: Share the Work, as a guest on the latest episode of the People and Process Podcast before the current lockdown.

We had an interesting conversation discussing all of this in more detail – have a watch and let me know your thoughts.

What are you doing to build and align your ‘Employer Brand’ and value proposition with your customer-facing brand proposition today?