Making Money & Meaning

Does your business have a purpose beyond making profit?

On Wednesday 21st November, 5.30 – 8pm I’ll be co-hosting another event for IoD99 Kent at & Hotel Diner exploring the growing phenomenon of purpose-driven ‘business for good’.

The next generation of start-up founders and Millennials entering the workplace are often motivated by creating positive social impact more than being focused purely on financial profit.

Sometimes this involves setting up or joining a Community Interest Company or B Corps, other times it may be about taking Corporate Social Responsibility to heart rather than seeing it as an add-on. ‘Conscious Capitalism’, ‘triple bottom line’ and ‘social enterprise’ are all buzzwords that may sound good, but there is also evidence that they can generate greater financial returns too.

Come along to this latest IoD99 Kent networking event to hear first-hand stories from early-stage local entrepreneurs and talk about how to grow your business by taking a more mission-led approach. Be inspired as Kent-based IoD99 members share their start-up stories and connect with other like-minded people from new and more established companies. Join in facilitated discussions to debate how this applies to big and small businesses.  Expand your knowledge and make new connections.

The IoD99 is the UK’s fastest-growing founders network with over 2,000 members and more than 80 Kent-based entrepreneurs. Find out more at:

This event will be free to attend thanks to generous support from our sponsors and hosting from IoD99ers and Kent Ambassadors Anwen Cooper and Dan Corpe. All are welcome to attend including IoD members and 99ers.