Your value is in your values

  • Are you helping your employees and customers to simply eat and put a roof over their heads, or are you helping them to meet higher needs?  
  • Are your customers ‘consumers’ or ‘participants’? 
  • Does your organisation live up to its values?

These are some of the big questions I explored in the latest episode of the People and Process Podcast (recorded pre-lockdown) with James Crawley, Refuelling Your Employer Brand and Kirsten Gibbs, author of Change the Game: Share the Work.

In this thought-provoking conversation, Kirsten and James talked with me about the importance of getting clear on how your brand values relate to both your customers and your employees.

You can watch the video of Episode 9 here on YouTube, or access the podcast as an audio via Apple podcasts and other podcast providers.

Previously, in Episode 8, we talked about Creating Brand Alignment for Customers and Employees – you can read more about that here.

If you’d like to think more deeply about your brand values, there are some more questions for you to ponder here. Alternatively, you might like to arrange an initial Marketing Strategy reviewget in touch to find out more.